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Grafam GP 2020

Grafham Water Sailing Club

25th-26th April 2020

ENTRY at Grafam Water sailing club. This event has proven very popular and we have been invited back for a third year by Grafam.

We share the race track with the Moth who have been very welcoming. 

Sailing the GP is the best way to give racing a go as the lap system of GP racing give everyone a chang to get a race result even if you swim most of the course. 

At the front the top sailors have fast and exciting racing. There rearly is something for eveyone!

» WASZP 8.2: : 45 places remaining.
» WASZP 6.9: : 45 places remaining.


Entry to be confirmed. Paid to GWSC

All entry is at Grafam sailing club and thier online entry.


Grafham Water Sailing Club

United Kingdom
PE28 0BU